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Thank You

On the night of the first snow in a small city in Japan, Kanako Akita walks about the city after getting kicked out of her dorm room by her roommates. On her way back, she bumps into a polite, mysteriuos man. To apologize for the accident, the man walks her back to her room. One month later, she acquires a new foreign language teacher, who also seems to have a few mysteries about him. With strange and dangerous incidents happening around her, can one college girl maintain her semi-peaceful life? This is read from right to left. It's rated Teen 14 or 15+ Story by: Alisa Andrews and Jenna Scott Art by: Alisa Andrews Updates: 1 page a week (2 if I'm not being lazy ^^)


November 24th, 2010, 1:38 am


Hello everyone!^^

I'm excited to start showing everyone my manga. It's a great honor for me!I hope everyone will enjoy Memories Abyss!


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